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Before I Forget - cover image

Before I Forget

poems by
Howard J. Kogan

Howard J. Kogan is a retired psychotherapist and poet. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines, poetry journals, and collections. Before I Forget is his fourth solo collection.

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Ariel's Gift - cover image

Ariel's Gift

by Thomas Pullyblank

Mysterious writing on his wall and the question of “Who killed Osman Steele?” lead Tom Flanagan on a historical and spiritual adventure from the Saint Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands to the Anti-Rent Wars of 1840’s Upstate New York. Surprisingly, these clues also lead to answers about the unexplained disappearance of his brother Patrick and the reappearance of his former adversary, Martha Radisson.

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The Last Circle of Ulysses Grant - cover image

The Last Circle of Ulysses Grant

a novel by Robert C. Conner

Conner, moreover, in poignant and clearly written prose, introduces us to the loving family and former comrades-in-arms who surrounded and comforted Grant during his last days. Civil War buffs and lovers of historical fiction alike will definitely enjoy this fine addition to the literature on a true American hero.

Allen Ballard, Professor Emeritus of History, U. at Albany

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Along the Erie Canal with the Municipal Seals of the Cities, Towns and Villages of New York - cover image

Along the Erie Canal with the Municipal Seals
of the Cities, Towns and Villages of New York

Compiled by Marvin W. Bubie

It’s wonderful how Marvin Bubie allows us to explore, through their municipal seals, these distinctive communities with identities and cultures as rich and diverse as the iconic achievement that is their common bond—the Erie Canal.

Brian U. Stratton, Director, N.Y.S. Canal Corporation (2017)

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A Chill in the Air - book cover

A Chill in the Air
poems by Howard J. Kogan

"There is no reason not to read Howard Kogan’s collection of poems, A Chill in the Air. Kogan invites us into the narrative poetry of personal history, insights on life and death and other assorted bits of his everyday with ease. I always thought he was just a wise guy, but you learn from reading this book that he is a wise man."

Philip Good, author of Untitled Writings from a Member of the Blank Generation

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A History of the Vale - cover image

A History of The Vale:
Schenectady's Historic Rural Cemetery

by Don Rittner

In the 19th century, Vale Cemetery was established in rural Schenectady, removed from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. As the "City that Lights and Hauls the World" grew around it, it retained its beautiful landscaping and become the permanent home to many of the city's, state's and country's movers and shakers, including leading industrialists, inventors, scientists, politicians, academicians and professional athletes.

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The Hop Farmer's Year - cover image

The Hop Farmer’s Year: The Seasons, Tools & Methods
of Hop Growers in New York State’s Golden Age of Hops

by Albert C. Bullard

In the 19th century, New York State experienced a “Golden Age” of hop growing. The Empire State was an agricultural powerhouse that produced almost 90% of the hop crop of the United States. But the sixty-year dominance of this market was achieved by vast numbers of small, independent hop growers. What were the methods and tools they used to do this? What caused New York to relinquish its leadership in this lucrative, but labor-intensive market?

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The Ghost of Billy Masterson - cover image

The Ghost of Billy Masterson & Other Thousand Islands Tales
by Thomas Pullyblank

In these Thousand Islands Tales you’ll share a ghostly adventure through space and time that fulfills a River Rat’s deepest desire; an encounter with a shipwreck that will change a river matron’s life forever; some unique Thousand Islands history as understood by a thoughtful teen; a dangerous thrill-ride that strengthens the bond between two cousins; a Christmas morning birth in the most unlikely of circumstances; the end-of-life reminiscences of a wealthy Thousand Islands aristocrat; and a River Rat’s history-making journey home.

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On the Trail of Henry Hudson and Our Dutch Heritage - cover image

On the Trail of Henry Hudson and Our Dutch Heritage
Through the Municipal Seals in New York, 1609 to 2009

Compiled by Marvin W. Bubie

In 2009 Marvin Bubie compiled his book about exploring the Dutch heritage of New York State through the seals of cities, towns, and villages along the Hudson Valley. This full-color Second Edition has been revised and expanded and covers the area from Long Island to Montgomery County in the Upstate Region. This is an interesting book for both kids and adults, and makes an excellent classroom resource.

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The Oneonta Fair - cover image

The Oneonta Fair
by Jim Loudon

From 1873 to 1927 the bustling railroad town of Oneonta hosted the second largest fair in New York State. Peppered with colorful characters and a sense of nostalgia, the story of the Oneonta Fair has been recovered by author and historian Jim Loudon, who has collected images, facts, and personal memories from those who can still recall this fond chapter in Oneonta’s history.

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Serendipity in Science - cover image

Serendipity in Science: Twenty Years at Langmuir University
An Autobiography by Vincent J. Schaefer, ScD

When Vincent Schaefer left high school in 1922 at the age of 16 to help support his family, little did he know that he was about to embark upon one of the most astounding careers in the world of science. His natural curiosity and love of nature led him in several directions, and he became an expert in archaeology, atmospheric science, ecology, geology, and many other fields. He was also an avid skier and hiker, and was instrumental in establishing many of upstate New York's natural preserves and ski areas.

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For None Can Rank Above Thee - cover image

For None Can Rank Above Thee:
A History of Cal-Mum Red Raiders Football

by Thomas E. Pullyblank

“Wow! Pullyblank has written a book that took me on a good trip down memory lane. I couldn't stop reading until I was finished.”

Mike Monacelli, Red Raiders varsity coach, 1988-2010

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Laurina's Kitchen - cover image

Laurina's Kitchen: Generations of Heirloom Dishes from the Ecobelli Family
by Lora Lee Ecobelli & Tom Ecobelli

Laurina’s Kitchen is a collection of recipes, memories, and stories inspired by the authors' grandmother Laurina Ecobelli. Laurina (Laura), along with their grandfather Donata (Dan), and their father Ralph, operated Ecobelli’s Tam O’Shanter Inn on Route 50 in Ballston Spa for over 40 successful years. This lively and entertaining cookbook contains the heirloom family recipes for many of the popular dishes for which ”The Tam” was famous. Also featured are recipes from close friends and other members of the Ecobelli family. A colorful and eclectic mix of ephemera help to bring this Upstate New York institution back to life.

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Wobbling Home - cover image

Wobbling Home: A Spiritual Walk with Parkinson's
by Jim Atwell

"Wobbling Home wryly and gently portrays Jim Atwell’s “joint venture” with Parkinson’s disease in a personal, candid and positive manner."

-- Dr. William Streck, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bassett Healthcare Network

"Don't for a moment think this is a book about Parkinson's. It is so much more -- a primer on life, a glimpse into a remarkable and resilient soul."

-- Philip Gulley, author of The Evolution of Faith

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Otsego County in the Civil War - cover image

Otsego County in the Civil War:
Firsthand Accounts of War Experiences

compiled by Otsego County Historical Association

This collection of letters, memoirs, newspaper articles and diary entries, from Otsego County in central New York, was first gathered together in 2005, and has now been revised and greatly expanded for the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.

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Indian Summer - cover image

Indian Summer
poems by Howard J. Kogan

The first collection of poems from one of the Capital Region's finest poets.

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Napoleon's Gold - cover image

Napoleon's Gold: A Legend of the Saint Lawrence River
by Thomas Pullyblank

"This novel is at once a page-turner and a work within which the author's musings and reflections on life, death and religion will leave the reader deeply moved."

-- Warren Roberts, Ph.D., University at Albany

"Pullyblank helps to raise the bar of Thousand Islands culture."

-- Susan Smith, Editor, www.ThousandIslandsLife.com

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Electric Lake - cover image

Electric Lake: Oneonta's Forgotten Gem
by Jim Loudon

In 1954, New York State Electric & Gas ceased operations at their Oneonta, New York hydro-electric power plant and drained a 50-acre pond known affectionately to area residents as "Electric Lake." Today, as motorists speed through Oneonta on I-88, only a stream remains of this largely forgotten gem of Oneonta's past.

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Oneonta in Olden Time - cover image

Oneonta in Olden Time & Bits of Oneonta History:
An Interesting Series of Articles by Harvey Baker, Published in the Oneonta Herald During the Years 1892-1893

by Harvey Baker; compiled by Greater Oneonta Historical Society

Arguably the most important presence in the history of Oneonta, New York, Harvey Baker was a prolific writer who contributed to several Otsego County papers throughout his life. In 1892 and 1893, he wrote a series of sixty-three articles for the Oneonta Herald, his account of how Oneonta evolved from aboriginal lands to frontier settlements, a bustling village, and eventually to a railroading powerhouse.

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Cornflower's Ghost - cover image

Cornflower's Ghost: An Historical Mystery
by Thomas Pullyblank

"... a vastly entertaining novel ... that pulls you in and keeps you thinking long after you've turned the last page ..."

-- Brian Carso Jr., Misericordia University

"... a vivid reminder that the past is always with us, and it profoundly affects how we live in the present and how we shape the future ..."

-- Paul D'Ambrosio, New York State Historical Association

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Middlefield and the Settling of the New York Frontier - cover image

Middlefield and the Settling of the New York Frontier: A Case Study of Development in Central New York, 1790-1865
by Dominick J. Reisen

"Reisen writes knowingly of a hundred intriguing themes ..."

-- Wayne Franklin, University of Connecticut

"... an admirable model of how to research and interpret the history of even the smallest communities ..."

-- Brian Carso Jr., Misericordia University

"... a key reference source for the study of ... upstate New York ..."

-- Harry Bradshaw Matthews, Hartwick College

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History of Otsego Lodge - book cover

Otsego Lodge No. 138, F & A. M., Cooperstown, New York:
A Collection of Historical Miscellanea, 1795-2007

by Richard Vang

First chartered by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York in 1795, this Masonic lodge has existed for over two centuries as part of the very fabric of one of America’s most scenic and legendary villages. Reproducing three official histories not previously made available to the public and illustrated with photographs, this book was compiled with new writings and commentary by the Otsego Lodge historian, and presents a vivid portrait of the Masonic fraternity’s involvement in American community life.

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My Dad is a Freemason - book cover

My Dad is a Freemason
by Richard Vang

"... a concept that is long overdue." -- Stephen Dafoe, TheLodgeRoom.com

"The idea behind this book is great... it is a powerful idea."

-- Jim Tresner, The Scottish Rite Journal

"... explains Freemasonry really effectively in a non-threatening manner ... My friends and family thought it was the coolest thing."

-- Andrew Horn, MastersJewel.com

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