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Finding a publisher is hard, making self-publishing the option for most authors. Self-publishing today has been made easier through print-on-demand (POD) technology and service companies, but still there is a lot to learn and navigate through to get your book to press. Many POD companies are no more than vanity presses. While SCP does offer typical vanity press solutions, we can provide much more. Authors can consider us as more of a “coach” or a “guide,” rather than as just a printer and binder vanity press; we provide a real person to deal with rather than a disinterested employee at a larger company. Because we can help sell your book as well, we want your book to be successful too. SCP offers the following solutions to bring your book to life.

Self-Publishing Coach Services
If you decide that you would like to publish your own book through a POD service, we can offer you advice to guide you through the process. We'll tell you what you need every step of the way to get your book to print.

Manuscript Reading & Editorial Services
We offer two levels of manuscript editing services, and two options for completing manuscript revisions.

  • Quick Reading
  • Reading & Editorial Comment
  • Reading, Editorial Comment & Electronic Revisions

Manuscript Processing Services
A full conversion of an electronic document into book format, ready for shipping to a printer.

  • Printed text conversion to digital file via OCR scanning
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Additional Book Items (Indexes, lists of illustrations, tables and charts.)
  • Illustrations (Scanning, digital processing, photography.)

Book Cover Design & Processing Services
Full color book covers, from original design or existing artwork or photographs, in any format.

  • Custom Book Cover (Paperback, hardcover casewrap, or cloth hardcover.)
  • Hardcover with Dustjacket
  • Bookland EAN-13 bar code creation for wider distribution of previously self-published books

Book Registration Services
We handle all the registrations and paperwork to get your book properly registered in library and industry databases.

  • Library of Congress Cataloging Number (LCCN)
  • Copyright Registration
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Cataloging-in-Publication Data (CIP - an optional service.)

Printing Services
We can take an author’s printer-ready document, or what we processed, and shepherd it through the printing process. SCP will do the research to provide the author with the best price and best proximity to their vision of the finished product, with suggestions for alternatives if necessary.

Book Reprinting Services
Does your historical assocation want to reprint an old local history book for fundraising? Are you a self-published author whose book has gone out-of-print? No longer have the printing plates and need a digital version of a book? No matter your reasons, SCP can bring your book back to life, create a printer-ready document, and shepherd it through the printing process. But there is more to this than one might think, so let us do the research to meet your reprinting goals. We can help you answer the following questions:

  • For what reason am I reprinting this book? (preservation, library copy, members only, retail market)
  • Do I need an exact replica or a new edition? (full-page scan vs. digital resetting of type)
  • Are there any potential copyright issues? (public domain)
  • How many books should I print? (traditional printing vs. POD)
  • How will this book be sold? (gift shop, internet, mail)
  • How will I let people know the book is back in print? (marketing and publicity)
  • Example Project: The Oneonta Roundhouse by Jim Loudon.

Publicity & Marketing Services
We offer a comprehensive array of review, publicity and marketing services.

  • Solicited Pre-publication Book Reviews
  • Book Review Submissions
  • Publication Information Sheet
  • Press Release
  • Author Biography Sheet
  • Author Interview Sheet
  • Web Page

Retail Sale Services
We offer various services to sell your book directly to the customer.

  • Square Circle Press Online Sales
  • Mail Order Sales
  • Pre-publication Sales
  • Event Sales (We can also create your event posters and other materials.)

Distribution & Wholesale Services
We are actively selling to the most important retail and library marketsin the US. We also offer global distribution of new titles.

  • Ingram via Lightning Source Inc.
  • Baker & Taylor
  • North Country Books Inc.
  • Quality Books Inc.
  • Amazon.com
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Bookland EAN-13 bar code creation for wider distribution of previously self-published books


If you would like to learn more about how we can get transform your book publishing dream into reality, please contact us, and we will send you a detailed description of our publishing services.


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